Iconduck, 100k+ free open source icons and illustrations!

Iconduck, 100k+ free open source icons and illustrations!

Hello dear devs!

As designers, we always crave for free and open source design resources in the internet. In other words, they are like god's gift to us.

Recently, I have came across such a place where I found thousands of open source icons and illustrations. You can use them for all your personal projects without any issue.

Coming to the actual point, the resource which I found is -


Iconduck is a project to make open source icons and illustrations more accessible. We've started doing this by collecting and tagging them, and making them searchable.


All the icons are categorized based on their type, which will make our life easy to find them.

This is all about this article. Visit the link above to know more about it.

Let me know if you like these kind of resource articles where I can let you know about some useful websites like this in future as well.

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