Programming is a Trial and Error Process!

Programming is a Trial and Error Process!

Hey learners,

Today is not like every other day. Because in today's blog, I am going to share my views on why we should not fear for failure while programming.

The best software developers are the ones that fail the most.

You'd think the developers that never fail are obviously going to be the best. But this is actually wrong. Because as a programmer your job is to try to develop new and interesting solutions to problems that haven't been solved. Essentially the company's like, "hey we want to build this cool thing, go build it. I don't know how you're going to build it".

Once you actually learn how to write code, the hard part of programming no longer becomes the code that you're writing and instead becomes how do you solve the problem. So developers that never fail are essentially solving problems that are easy for them because, they don't ever encounter difficulties and they're just constantly doing things they know how to do over and over again.

It's no different than someone that does data entry all day long. They're not improving their skills because all they're doing is copying data from one place to another all day long and they're doing the same thing every single day. So of course they're not going to make mistakes.

Challenging themselves to solve new and difficult problems constantly is going to run into errors, mistakes and failures.

Honestly when I am writing out code, if I write out a bunch of code and for the very first time if I run it and I don't get a single error or a single warning, I assume that I did something wrong. Because I always make mistakes like forgetting to put a semicolon or just typing something wrong. This is normal.

So to expect yourself to never make a mistake is just completely unrealistic and unfortunately this fear of failure and fear of making mistakes holds a lot of people back from being the best developer they can. Because they fear when they see those errors in the console. So of course in that process of figuring things out you're going to make mistakes. You're going to come up with wrong solutions and you're going to struggle to find a right solution.

So if you end up stumbling upon the wrong solution or you end up writing code that doesn't work, just keep in mind that in reality, failure is just a stepping stone in the path to success .

We came to an end of this very short article today. Hope you get something out of it and understand that programming is a trial and error process, the more mistakes you do, the more you will progress and learn.

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